Wednesday, 21 September 2016


               Embracing the ordinary!

       Sometimes life is all about seeing the same things differently. You are going to cross the same path, same people and same things every day. There are almost going to be millions of déjà vu moments, then what is the point in complaining when you cannot change things? 

      Few days ago, I met someone with a goddamn prefect life. But the only thing I remember about the person is his complains and regrets which he was going to hold onto for the rest of his life. Not because he is not trying hard to get rid off what he thinks is imperfect, but because he just cannot appreciate the good things happening in his life. Despite of having a glorious life, the person was still craving for something which was just in his mind and nowhere else. 
       Human, these days is just surrounded by material things. I know that everybody knows this and is been hearing all their lives, but , did anyone act upon it? Did you ever think to get ride of what we call material? Or Have you ever thought about what exactly does “Material” stand for?
      I am just an ordinary person like you all. And I will not answer these questions for anyone. You live your life and hence it’s your responsibility to seek for an answer. But the only thing I can tell you is, 
“Stop chasing the mirage!” 


  1. Yup ,for sure ,no one had born with perfect and happy life its on us with what way we take things always ..
    Remember coin has 2 sides , if we think is bad ples think over what is good side too..
    Naturally u would fell better..