Thursday, 22 December 2016

                                    New year, Old me!

         So this year ends after 9 days, everyone must be having some plans for New year's eve and also a list of resolutions. Some of you might have thought about getting rid off those extra kilos or may be about achieving what you said you would achieve a year back. Well, that's quite amazing. But how many of your resolutions are completed? May be one or two? Not even a single? ( Come on!)
         Well, I'm no different. So this year my resolution is to be different and hence my resolutions are going to be simple. We always think about doing or achieving something. And sometimes (always) we fail miserably at it. So not letting the fact slipping away from my mind that I'm a great procrastinator, I've decided to NOT to do few things this year.  
        To give up is always easier than achieving. So this year I'll give up my excuses. I'll give up my fear of failure which didn't let me achieve anything. I'm definitely not pleasing people( I never did actually). This year I'm giving up on judgement of others.
     And last but not the least I'm giving up on anything which would stop me from being the person that I want to be. Don't stay in a bad place for too long. Leave it or live with it.

You can either be glorious or guarded.

                                        Happy New Year!